Monday, September 27, 2010

JBossOSGi 1.0.0.Beta9 released

I am happy to announce the release of JBossOSGi-1.0.0.Beta9.
You can download the binary here: jboss-osgi-installer-1.0.0.Beta9.jar

The release comes with improvements in the following areas
  • Uses the new JBoss Modules modularity layer, which is also the basis of AS7
  • Performance increase by approximately 2000%
  • Integration with upcoming JBoss Application Server 7
  • Support for update bundles and refresh packages
  • Improved resolver abstraction/integration
  • Migration to the Arquillian test framework
For details please have a look at the latest version of our User Guide.

Here are the change log details

  • [JBOSGI-331] - Activator cannot change bundle start level
  • [JBOSGI-339] - Fragment failures in functional runtime tests
  • [JBOSGI-346] - Attached fragment hides private package in host
  • [JBOSGI-354] - Initial Bundle Start Level initialization is done in the wrong place.
  • [JBOSGI-356] - JBoss OSGi has implicit imports
  • [JBOSGI-367] - JTA BundleActivator cannot find DocumentBuilderFactory
  • [JBOSGI-373] - Cannot load service through java.util.ServiceLoader
  • [JBOSGI-383] - Cannot refresh uninstalled bundle through FrameworkMBean
  • [JBOSGI-387] - Potential problem with refreshing uninstalled bundles via JMX

Feature Request

  • [JBOSGI-209] - Implement resolver preferences
  • [JBOSGI-376] - Initial OSGi / Modules dependency implementation
  • [JBOSGI-380] - Initial Arquillian test integration
  • [JBOSGI-386] - Invoking Refresh Packages on the framework from Web Console causes issues


  • [JBOSGI-258] - [TCK] Start Level
  • [JBOSGI-336] - Implement PackageAdmin.refreshPackages(Bundle[])
  • [JBOSGI-343] - Comprehensive PackageAdmin test coverage
  • [JBOSGI-359] - Comprehensive Bundle API test coverage
  • [JBOSGI-360] - Integrate jbosgi-container into jbosgi umbrella
  • [JBOSGI-361] - TCK setup for MSC Core Framework
  • [JBOSGI-362] - Integrate the MSC Framework with the Installer
  • [JBOSGI-363] - Update resolver to Apache Felix-3.0.x
  • [JBOSGI-369] - Add support for fragments to Package Admin
  • [JBOSGI-374] - Release 1.0.0.Beta9
  • [JBOSGI-375] - Restore fragment, native code, service hook support
  • [JBOSGI-378] - OSGi Performance Analysis
  • [JBOSGI-379] - Implement Bundle.update()
  • [JBOSGI-388] - Migrate all remaining Husky tests to Arquillian